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Our buildings are inspired by
the challenge of balancing function & beauty .

Ray Design and Construction Company  started its professional activities in the area of architecture, interior design and landscape design in 2002.Along with their accomplished architectural activities, this company has designed and performed a variety of successful projects which  presented them  in various architectural competitions. The main goal of this company, is developing the quality of the people’s life as well as promoting the quality of designing and building structures.

Ray Design and Construction Company with its high-tech artistic, scientific and technical experts in its design-engineering team, extensive executive and reconstructive facilities according to international standards, as well as localization of knowledge and the use of global updated architectural frameworks, has been able to play a significant role in the design and construction of various commercial, cultural, residential, industrial, administrative and urban projects.

Therefore, Ray Design and Construction Company try their best to develop localization method by the experienced psychological team along with the architecture and interior design team who are at their disposal. This fact is regarded as the basis of starting of the interactive architecture in the projects of this company.

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Our Specialization




In recent years, with the advent of technology and the emergence of diverse of human interactions, digital technology has had some profound effects on many scientific aspects of contemporary architecture. In the case of digital technology, there is a kind of architectural approach which has been created and it reveals the interactive relation between architecture space and the human.




This company has had preliminary steps on the architecture and interior design by focusing on psychological aspects and its impact on people. In this method firstly, clients will be evaluated regarding their psychological sides with respect to their individualities, behaviors, desires and the use of physical environment and then the designing process will be generated.




The design basis and the most important features in the projects of Ray Design and Construction Company is how an architect can exert all various information that see and touch around or receive in an interactive approach so that it would give opportunity to the users to spend more times in an architectural environment and engage with that.